Art for Hotels

syrett exhibition at the exhibitionist hotel, London

Picture a world where hotels are just places to lay your head and maybe have a hearty breakfast. Bet you’re glad you don’t live on that planet! The experiential draw of an exclusive hotel is what people will spend good money on. That and the intrigue, the romance, the sense that they’re surrounded by potential.
Yes, superb food and a truly personal service help, but there has to be something more. You should know you’re in a great hotel the moment you step into it. It’s something about the decor, the attention to detail, that sets the antennae abuzz. Don’t underestimate the importance works of art can have.

Influencing the hotel’s mood with art
Art plays a vital role in the way a hotel communicates its intent. The pieces lining corridors and entertaining the rooms show guests that this is a place that’s been designed to please all the senses, especially their sense of style and place. Using art is a great opportunity for hotel designers to stamp their authority on the look, and to win consistency in tone throughout.
And then there are the centrepieces – those one-off artworks that appear magnificently in lobbies, piano bars, restaurants and maybe the penthouse suite. People who like to make a grand entrance might feel they’ve met their match when their eyes fall on these marvels or beauty and class. Art can do that.
A curated service
Art can seem complicated to people outside the industry, even those who appreciate and consume it. And it’s no wonder why. Fashions and tastes change, some artists have their time in the sun, while others toil studiously and no less brilliantly in the background. Keeping on top of the trends is a full time job in itself.
But even that’s not enough, because anyone can learn what’s hot at a given moment, but it takes a more involved mind to see what’s coming, and what’s on its way out. It takes a person whose roots in the art world mean no emerging star is news to him – we’re talking about Runway Gallery’s director Daniel Syrrett.
When you want your hotel’s artwork to be of the moment, Syrrett’s number should be in your phone. He’s an accomplished curator who knows his artists and their collections intimately. He’s also got a conceptual designer’s eye for detail when it comes to placing artworks in any given space.
He knows what works and what doesn’t; it’s as simple as that. It’s why hotel designers consult with him when they’re creating or renovating the most exciting hotels in cities all around the world.
Get a personal consultation with the gallery’s curator
Hotel decor has never been so important as it is now. With word of niche hotels spreading around the online world, and the big budget openings garnering attention from mainstream media, every detail has to be considered.
Choose to partner with Runway Gallery and you get access to our haute couture and ready to wear collections from some of the most influential artists currently working. You also have the ear of one of the UK’s most noted art and decor experts. He knows how to add value to your proposition, and countless hotel owners are grateful for his honesty, commitment and depth.