Art for the Interior Designer

Century Club Grazie

If great art can change the world, imagine what it can do for a room. Minimalism will only take you so far – once you want to turn up the volume or tone down the angles, art can be just the revolution you’re looking for.

But beyond the big-picture aesthetics of the space, the art also needs to withstand closer inspection. The quality of the materials and the skill of the artist should be more than just evident; they should be evidence of a thought process, a goal, an underlying theme. The art says that it’s as much a part of the interior design as the layout, the colour and the mood.

But how do you discern good art?

It’s an age-old problem, perhaps driven by a fear of kitsch that hasn’t changed, even when attitudes to more progressive art forms have embraced the beauty of irony. The secret, of course, is to use brilliant artists and to draw on the advice of curators who pay attention to this shifting, evolving form. We call it Beautalism.

Art as fashion – to suit your space and your budget

At Runway Gallery, director Daniel Syrett (hereafter just SYRETT) curates the whole show. He’s the one meeting the artists and the clients, and if you’re looking to bedeck your fresh interior with breathtaking art, it’s he who will be overseeing your account.

We broadly divide our interior art into two categories fashionistas will be familiar with: haute couture and ready to wear.

When the space you’re designing is as much a talking point as the cultural influencers who live, work or play there, haute brings the gravitas and the uniqueness to the proceedings. We’ll share with you exclusive creations from artists with the world at their feet. 

Displaying great artists’ wares lets those who know ‘know’ every time they see them in the backdrops of magazine exclusives or TV interviews. A-list art moves everyone up a letter, just by association. Expect collectability and desirability; don’t expect a bargain. And if you’re ready to commission bespoke pieces, it’s definitely doable. Let’s talk.

When you’re just trying to influence the eye-feel a space delivers, perhaps it’s the ready-to-wear collections that will fill the space with modern taste and style. SYRETT has the masterful ability to understand interior concepts and recommend artwork packs that complement the space, whether you want them to shout or to whisper. 

Exquisitely finished

Finally, the works need anchoring and given the respect they deserve. That’s why curation doesn’t stop at the pieces themselves, but in the framing, the plinths, the hangers or whatever they need to let them become focal points or mood music to match the intentions of the space. It’s all about adding value to properties, literally and figuratively.

The truth is that whatever artwork you choose, with the incredible talent at Runway Gallery’s disposal, SYRETT’s sixth sense, and your innate ability to make an interior the satisfying, emotionally active place you want it to be, you can hardly fail.

Decide for yourself by taking a tour through our online collections. For further questions, we’re happy to provide the answers.