Soho Scandalous - artwork

Soho Scandalous Exhibition

Runway Gallery in association with Blacks Club present Soho Scandalous – Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll

A group exhibition celebrating Soho, the epicentre of London. With its rich history of theatre, art, film, music, drugs, LBGT culture and of course sex, Soho has been the playground of London for centuries. The exhibition is a celebration of all things Soho; illicit, exciting, daring, but always a place where everyone is accepted for what they are and who they are. For some Soho is scandalous, but for others scandalous is just the way of life in Soho.

Artists: Martin Allen, Bruce Atherton, Chinakwe, French Cowboy, Louise Dear, Sue Dray, David Dresser, Duma, Belinda Frikh, Alexandra Gallagher, Girls of the Internet, GrAzie, Sandro Hyams, Mark Illuminati, Joe Lynn, Pandemonia, Trafford Parsons, Bethany Perry, SYRETT, Dara Vandor.

June 6th 2019 – 6.30pm – 8.30pm Blacks Club, 67 Dean Street, Soho, London