Evi Antonio Portrait in Blacks Club

Evi Antonio Interview

Forty Nine Questions and Art Ain’t One

1. Favourite Colour? Green

2. When you were growing up what did you want to be?  Artist or anything to do with drawing

3. Name the Place you’d most like to live in? A warm greek or Italian island by the sea or a coastal British village.

4. Seaside or Countryside. Seaside

5. You’re hosting a dinner party what’s your signature dish?  Greek salad and souvla, meat turned slowly on the spit.

6. Dogs or Cats?  Dogs

7. What was your nickname at school? I don’t think I had one, maybe Ev?

8. Most influential person in your life? My dad

9. If you could go back in time to which period would you go to?  1950’s, love the colour, clothes and discovery of new music

10. Name an Instagram account you follow. thegitaoshi (The Curators salon)

11. Favourite Museum or Gallery Natural History Museum and the Royal Academy of Arts

12. If money was no object, what luxury item would you buy yourself? A Mulberry bag or a new Volkswagen Beetle

13. Favourite Album (music) Amy Winehouse or Stevie Wonder although I was a massive Duran Duran fan in the 80’s!

14. Person you’d love to meet?  Lady Gaga

15. Describe your ultimate romantic date. Sitting somewhere looking out to sea with a glass of wine

16. You are happiest when…….By the sea

17. What makes you sad? The threat of animal extinction from deforestation and hunting (man)

18. If you could change one thing about the world. Turn back time to stop the polar ice melting, climate change

19. Whats the first thing on your bucket list?  Tour around Italy

20. Favorite Restaurant? Circolo popolare

21. Book shop or Record Shop? I used to love a book shop in Covent Garden called Dover books, no longer there. I love antique book shops.

22. Name your favourite book? Melody Beattie,  Journey to the Heart

23. Pet Hate. People who walk on the pavement looking at their phones and expect you to move!

24 Prize Possession My rose gold circular necklace pendant.

25 How many tattoos/piercings do you have? None, just 2 regular ear /piercings

26 Gym or Jim Bean? Gym

27 What colour are your eyes?  Hazel

28 Junk Food which is your dirty secret. Crisps! Mainly the posh crisps in big bags!

29 What’s your poison? I hate inhaling any smoke from smokers.

30 Describe your morning routine. Wake up, kettle on, kids organised, walk them to Angel and come back and get on with my art.

31 Where do you call home? At the moment all over the place, Cyprus and Pembrokeshire have a very special place in my heart.

32 What makes you laugh? A good time with brother and sisters.

33.   What perfume/aftershave do you use? Penhalligan’s Tudor rose

34 Whats you favourite season and why?  Summer, I love being warm, Mediterranean blood!

35 Describe the wildest night out you’ve ever had. A night with my sister in a sushi restaurant in New York and too many Cosmopolitans! 

36 What opportunity have you turned down? None, I always take advantage of any opportunity that comes my way

37 Have you ever been arrested? Nooo!!!

38 Favourite Quote?  “It’s Not Whether You Get Knocked Down, It’s Whether You Get Up.” – By Vince Lombardi Or “Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun.” – Albert Einstein

39 First live band you went to see? I didn’t see band, I saw Michael Jackson At Wembley Stadium, Bad Tour

40 Biggest Regret? That my dad didn’t get to see my son perform on a West end stage and we missed out on more time with him.

41 Describe something that you are proud of – my son and daughter and how talented and kind they both are. My ultimate pieces of Art.

42 Describe yourself in 3 words. Kind, generous spirit and thoughtful.

43 Favourite film. Priceless with Audrey Tautou or Whats up Doc, Barbra Streisand 

44 How many pairs of shoes do you own?  Not many, mainly a few colours of Chelsea boots.

45 Describe a favourite walk. The Pembrokeshire Coastal path, between Solva and St Davids

46 Tell us whats in your bag/pockets. Purse, phone, one lipstick, hearing aid batteries! A pen and small notebook in case I need to get ideas down and a few doggy poop bags!

47 Who was the last person you called? My sister 

48 Whats the tune/band that you are listening to the most?  I listen to lots of mixed playlists on Spotify but listening to more podcasts lately, e.g. Conversations of Inspiration, Holly Tucker.

49 Whats your cure for a hangover?  Lots of Water!

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