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Artist Statement
Barry Wilson is a member of NAPA and trained at the Camberwell School of Art and was taught by influential artists such as Bruce Mclean, Cornelia Parker, Jock Mcfadden and Ian Mckeever. Before becoming a full time artist I worked in film and television painting scenery and fronting a changing rooms style tv programme called  ‘Room Raiders’ as an interior designer, my love of paint finishes and gold leaf lead to my obsession with gold and the techniques that can be applied to it. The fragility of beauty…. “The aim of my paintings has been to emulate a faint image in an antique mirror or a creased and faded much loved photo. I believe the delicate, fragile beauty of gold leaf and the fresh, translucent quality of Acrylic paint belies the somewhat brutal techniques I employ. These include using industrial spray guns, scouring pads and water jets, scrubbing back the layers of paint to reveal the gold leaf base which seems to give the structure / framework of the painting. I believe the result is a vibrant and edgy captured moment; contemporary and beautiful.” Barry’s highly distinctive paintings have been exhibited in major museum and galleries worldwide with international acclaim, winning the celebrated Saatchi award in 2012.


AAF Battersea Fresh Art Epsom AAF New york AAF Hong Kong AAF Seattle ArtChill Jaipur Catherine Miller gallery London Fairfax Tunbridge Wells Wing Galley Wadhurst Moreton Gallery   Cotswolds Wey Gallery Surrey GNT Gallery Eastbourne


Saatchi Gallery London   WeWorks Charity Auction Fairfax Gallery  London / Tunbridge wells Russell gallery   Fulham London Catherine Miller Gallery   Chelsea  London Wey Gallery Surrey Moreton Gallery Cotswold Fresh Art Hampstead Art Fair Wing Gallery Wadhurst


Brick Lane Galler  London ArtChill  Jaipur india AAF New york Wey Gallery London Russell Gallery London Towner Art Gallery Eastbourne 


Catherine Miller Gallery London Moreton Gallery  Cotswold AAF Battersea Catherine Miller AAF  New York   Linda Blckstone Gallery AAf Hong Kong   Linda Blackstone Gallery Russell Gallery London Fairfax Gallery Tunbridge Wells Rebecca Hossack Gallery London


London art Fair Catherine Miller Gallery London Moreton Gallery  Cotswold AAF Battersea Catherine Miller AAf Hong Kong   Fairfax Store Street gallery London Fairfax Gallery Tunbridge Wells


Catherine Miller Gallery London Moreton Gallery  Cotswold AAF Battersea Catherine Miller Russell Gallery London Fairfax Gallery Tunbridge Wells Red Barn Studios  Northamptonshire


Catherine Miller Gallery London Cannizaro House Wimbledon London AAF Battersea Catherine Miller Kaplinski Dubai Store Street Gallery London


Aspen Gallery Dubai    Saatchi Gallery London 15th July 2011  AAF Battersea London 


Kempinski Gallery Dubai  Tracey Mcnee Gallery London  Tracey Mcnee Gallery Glasgow  AAF Edinburgh  AAF Bristol 


Fairfax Gallery London  Viewpoint Gallery Sussex


Tate Modern 2008 Riverside Studios London  Barbican (London Group) 


Saatchi ‘Showdown ‘  (Winner) 2012 Cards produced by Red Rag studios and sold worldwide


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