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Grazie is a New Zealand born visual artist based in London. Her distinct style blends inspiration from fashion, music and pop and youth culture to create works that are impactful and evocative. She repeatedly turns to a distinct colour palette bringing to life a series of bold and provocative pieces that merge underlying elements of pop, street and abstract art. Grazie’s style is easily recoginsed by her portayal of popular imagery and icons through a faceless painting style. She references many of her favourite artists in her work often combining art history with contemporary figures and settings. Her influences are varied including David La Chappelle, Andy Warhol, Terry Richardson, Tom Wesselman, Keith Haring utilising popular branding and fashion magazines.
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Exhibitions since 2009: Exposure Paris – Art Comes First – Solo exhibition – November 2018 Epic – Geneva – Solo exhibition – September 2018 Great Scotland Yard (London) – Commissioned Artworks for the Hotel  – September 2018 Moniker Art Fair (London) – October 2017 House of Artists,  (London) – 2015 / present London West Bank Gallery (London) –  2014 to present Urban in Ibiza – 2014 / present Ventes aux Enchères (House of Parliament, London) Ventes aux Enchères – Chiswick Auction House (London) - 2015 C99 Art Project (Kensal Rise London) – 2015 Oui Madame (Stoke Newington London) – 2015 Red Bull Art exhibition (London)  - 2015 Hospital Club (Covent Garden – London) – 2012


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