Narotone portrait

Narotone Interview

Narotone Interview – Forty nine questions and art ain’t one

Favourite Colour? orange 

When you were growing up what did you want to be? architect 

Name the Place you’d most like to live in? Togians island in sulawesi 

Seaside or Countryside? Countryside with mountains 

You’re hosting a dinner party what’s your signature dish? Italian food

Dogs or Cats? Dogs, i had a Briard

What was your nickname at school? Naro

Most influential person in your life? My daughters

If you could go back in time to which period would you go to? The 20s to go to the Cotton Club

Name an Instagram account you follow. pierreholtz 

Favourite Museum or Gallery? The street of Prenzlauer district in Berlin 

If money was no object, what luxury item would you buy yourself? A work of Basquiat 

Favorite Album (music)? Roman gods – Fleshtones 

Person you’d love to meet? Serge Gainsbourg 

Describe your ultimate romantic date. 3 days at Cinque terre, Italia 

You are happiest when……. When i’m satisfied with a painting 

What makes Naro sad? The intolerance 

If you could change one thing about the world. Fire Trump, the planet is in danger 

Whats the first thing on your bucket list? Get a ticket for my next trip 

Favourite Restaurant? no favourite, I like to discover 

Book shop or Record Shop? Record shop 

Name your favourite book? L’Equipe, a french sports newspaper 

Pet Hate ? 

Prize Possession? My first ski star 

How many tattoos/piercings do you have? One but I would like to make more 

Gym or Jim Bean? Jim Bean 

What colour are your eyes? Blue 

Junk Food which is your dirty secret? Pizza 

What’s your poison? Old rum 

Describe your morning routine? Coffee, cigarette, mail 

Where do you call home? Outside or my sofa 

What makes you laugh? H – a french series 

What perfume/aftershave do you use? Jean-paul Gaultier 

Whats you favourite season and why? Spring 

Describe the wildest night out you’ve ever had? When I mixed in front of 2000 people in the ancient arenes of 0range 

What opportunity have you turned down? Going to work abroad 

Have you ever been arrested? Never, can be an experience 

Favourite Quote? Do it 

First live band you went to see? Dr Feelgood 

Biggest Regret? I always look ahead 

Describe something that you, Naro, are proud of? My daughters 

Describe Naro in 3 words. Go ahead, tolerant, curious. My sign is a believer 

Favourite film? Faster Pussycat Kill Kill – Russ Meyer 

How many pairs of shoes do you own? A dozen pairs of sneakers 

Describe a favourite walk? In mountains 

Tell us what’s in your bag/pockets? Cash, lighter and credit cards 

Who was the last person you called? My friend Riton 

Whats the tune/band that you are listening to the most? Mollono bass a German DJ 

Whats your cure for a hangover? My bed 

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