Exhibition Concept

Ten artists, ten scents, an avant-garde art gallery and a forward-thinking fragrance collective join forces for a unique exhibi- tion at the coolest private members club in Soho.

Runway Gallery, a fashion focussed art gallery representing an international line up of artists and photographers has joined forces with fragrance specialists Aspects Beauty Company, in recognition of their mutual love of beautiful things. The desire to work together dates back some time, it was just a question of finding the right project.

The Perfumus Affair is that project. An exhibition that allows the artistry of fragrance to be viewed through the lens of painting, photography and mixed media. Ten artists have been teamed with ten uniquely different fragrance brands to dis- cuss, experiment and celebrate the ways in which these two art forms complement one another. The result will be ten original artworks to be displayed, alongside the fragrances that inspired them, in a poly-sensory exhibition harnessing the essence of beauty in its purest form.

Runway Gallery would like to thank all the brands and artists but especially to Aspect Beauty who without their support non of this could have happened.

Artists x Brands

Evi Antonio and The House of Oud

Belinda Frikh and Jovoy

Bruce Atherton and Jeroboam

Sally Whelan and Contradictions in ILK

SYRETT and Histoires de Parfum

Robin Doyle and Memoize London

GrAzie and Goldfield & Banks

GG Stokes and Fragrance du Bois

French Cowboy and L’Orchestre Parfum

Barry Wilson and Nishane


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