High fashion and Haute Couture are sold through celebrity endorsement, boutiques akin to Doric temples of ancient Greece, beautiful packaging, magazines and of course the glossy advertising. With their themes of intangible mystery, youth, unattainable body image, billionaire lifestyle and the viewers’/consumers’ aspiring desire to want it all.

A desire that is not for the beauty of the garment or accessory but for the dream, the status, the tribal membership, a badge that says ‘I’m a dedicated follower’ or just to say ‘Look what I can afford’. We all don’t have the legs for the catwalk and not everyone can attain the glamour for the glossy shoot and certainly not everyone has ‘good taste’. Yet many of us align ourselves with brands because of aspiration, a desire to portray an image of ourselves through products and brands.

Out of a fascination and love for this complex industry, SYRETT began to note the similarities and the differences to the art world. Exploring the basic ideas behind art and brand, the artist has examined why this idea of brand which the fashion industry repeatedly emphasises, yet the art world has not. Through this exploration SYRETT has looked at the relationship between the buyer and the art work.

Taking his lead from beauty and accessory brands, as well as fashion advertising. SYRETT looks at the what is luxury and what is defined as beauty. Utilising high end textures and techniques of the fashion industry, he uses these elements to create exquisite artworks with hints of exotic animal skins, rarely occurring nature materials such real gold and pearls together with glossy finishes and hardware more akin to handbags. Working in several processes, mixing traditional craftsmanship with modern industrial techniques. SYRETT is developing a highly polished art process, creating twice yearly collections with ever changing styles.

SYRETT’s latest collection of works is is heavily influenced by his recent move to the Isle of Wight. SYRETT lives and works between London and Isle of Wight.


London Fashion Week - Group Show

Century Club - Group Show


London Fashion Week - Group Show

Blacks Club  - Group Show


Nov 6th - ME Hotel London SOLO SHOW

July - Circle Contemporary Group Show

June - After Nyne Gallery Permanent Collection

Feb - Lamberty Gallery Permanent Show


Dec – ElNi Interiors Harrogate – Solo Show – The Designer Collection

Oct 20th – Jan 1st – Geneyclee Gallery – Hong Kong – Group Show – Originals

Sept 14th – 17th – Roys People Art Fair – Candid Arts Trust – Prints & Originals

Aug 10th – Urban in Ibiza  – Group Show – New Original Works

June – White Cloth Gallery Leeds – Solo Show – Out of the Darkness plus The Magazine Collection

April – ElNi Interiors Harrogate – Solo Show – The Magazine Collection


Jan – WorkHouse Gallery – Solo Show – Harrogate


Nov – WorkHouse Modern – Winter Show – Harrogate

Sept – 166 arte – Joint Show with Sara Pope – Florence, Italy

July – Corn Exchange Art Fair – Leeds

July – Spitalfields Art Market – London

July – WorkHouse Modern – Tour De France Group Show – Harrogate

Feb – WorkHouse Gallery – Solo Show – Harrogate

Monsters of Art – Permanent show – London

Dynamite Gallery – Permanent show – Brighton

Urban Soup – Permanent show – Royal Tunbridge Wells


WorkHouse Gallery – Solo Show – Harrogate

Modern Artists Gallery – Permanent Show – Pangbourne

White Cloth Gallery – Group Show – Leeds


Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam – Woolf Gallery

Summer Exhibition Group Show – Woolf Gallery London


Affordable Art Fair Paris – Woolf Gallery

Modern Artist Gallery – Permanent Show – Pangbourne

Miguelle e Young – Permanent Show – Ibiza and Valencia

International Music Summit – Solo Show – Ibiza

Ahh! Gallery – Quantative Easing and the Art of Printing Money Solo Show – Tower Bridge of London


Affordable Art Fair Battersea – Gasgoigne Gallery

Urban Art Exhibition Group Show- Gasgoigne Gallery – Harrogate

SYRETT started his art education at Jacob Kramer which later became Leeds College of Art where he took a foundation degree in art and design, specialising in fashion. He then went on to Liverpool John Moores to take a degree in fashion and textiles this time concentrating on printed textiles. After graduating he very quickly gained an agent in New York, through which he designed for several major fashion brands in both America, France and Spain. At the same time as this, he launched his own label producing tailored garments and t shirts based on his degree show.

While at university Dan started to DJ, primarily in the indie and punk clubs of Liverpool. Which led him to become part of the duo who set up the now infamous dance club Icon. This highly fashionable club night known for it’s themed nights, became notorious throughout the UK for daring to be different. Not just a dance club, more a theme park, with rides, fireworks, actors, room sets and showing risque avant garde films, Icon soon was voted No.1 club in the country by DJ Magazine. Culminating in a commission from the Tate Gallery and Gilbert & George, to run the Opening Party, of the artists first ever retrospective exhibition.

Realising that the nightclub scene was not going to last forever Daniel decided to move to London and return full time to the fashion industry, not as a designer, but as a freelance fashion stylist. Working on mixture of advertising, TV, film and music. His clients included ELLE, All Saints, EMI, Warner Records, BBC, Nokia and London Fashion Week.

During this time he also opened Controversy, his own women’s wear boutique in London. Selling up and coming designer brands from all over the world. The store was voted top fifty boutiques in the UK by Elle magazine and soon became a destination for many of the fashionista’s of London, with Vivienne Westwood being a regular visitor.

After being bought out of Controversy, SYRETT tried several different careers, Graphic Designer, Teacher and Lecturer. It wasn’t until he moved back North that he found his new venture…… an online magazine. An irreverent, scarcastic, excuse of a fashion magazine called HarrogateConfidential. It was through this he met the owner of the Gascoigne Gallery who became his first art agent.

Gaining a taste for the Art world, SYRETT opened Workhouse Gallery a contemporary modern gallery, showing the works by Nick Walker, Joe Webb, Swoon, Dan Cimmerman, Famous when Dead, TONE and of course his own work. Sadly though Dan became ill with liver cancer and this chapter in his life had to come to an end so he could concentrate on getting well.

After a difficult period convalescing, SYRETT returned to painting, creating his current body of work using nail varnish as his medium.

Throughout his career Dan has exhibited his work in several countries including Germany, Italy, France, Holland, USA with many shows in the UK. Press coverage about him and his work has been published in over 200 International/National magazines/newspapers and websites. He also has several pieces of work in the much celebrated counter culture book, ‘High Flyers’ published by Booth-Clibborn Editions.

Recently SYRETT founded the art movement BEAUTALISM with other artists including Pandemonia and Bruce Atherton. The premise of the movement is return to beauty, artwork which unashamedly about beauty and nothing else.

SYRETT is also the sole owner of Runway Gallery who have an exciting media partnership with TI Media, publishers of Marie Claire, Wallpaper* and several interior titles. He is a contributing Editor on IRK Magazine the Paris and New York, fashion and culture biannual publication.

He is also the curator at Blacks Club in Soho and Century private members club on Shaftesbury Avenue. He also exhibits every season at London Fashion Week's - Fashion Scout. 

Dan separates his time between London and the Isle of Wight where he has studios.

He is six foot three with long hair, has no spleen or gallbladder and only half his liver, but he does have all his own teeth.

  1. Favourite Colour? PINK
  2. When you were growing up what did you want to be? Furniture Designer or Rock Star (I’d have made a great Rock star but I’d be dead now)
  3. Name the Place you’d most like to live in? Paris
  4. Seaside or Countryside Seaside
  5. You’re hosting a dinner party what’s your signature dish? Lasagna
  6. Dogs or Cats?  Cats but they have to really fluffy.
  7. What was your nickname at school?  Fags - derived from my surname Syrett - Cigarette - Fags
  8. Most influential person in your life?  Really don’t know as so many people have helped me at different times in my life.
  9. If you could go back in time to which period would you go to?  I go back to Studio 54 times in NYC
  10. Name an Instagram account you follow. @therealpandemonia
  11. Favourite Museum or Gallery V&A
  12. If money was no object, what luxury item would you buy yourself?  Tennis bracelet a big one, I love diamonds.
  13. First single/album you bought.  Bought all these singles on the same day:  Hit me with your Rhythm Stick - Ian Dury & the Blockheads, I will Survive - Gloria Gaynor and Lucky Number - Lena Lovich eclectic taste even at the age of 9.
  14. Person you’d love to meet? My Grandad as I never met him.
  15. Describe your ultimate romantic date.  A long weekend in Paris, staying on the Rive Gauche.
  16. You are happiest when……. Lost in my artwork or sitting on a hot beach with a cold beer
  17. What makes you sad?  What successive politicians have done to the world.
  18. If you could change one thing about the world.  I’d make Lobbyists illegal.
  19. Whats the first thing on your bucket list?  Visit Japan
  20. Favorite Restaurant? London: Sexy Fish in Berkeley Square Paris: Maison de la Truffle Place Madelaine
  21. Book shop or Record Shop? Record Shop every time 
  22. Name your favourite book? Anything by Taschen
  23. Pet Hate  Rudeness to waiting staff
  24. Prize Possession  A jug my Gran decorated with beads, jewels and the head of a cow off of a jug. Its beautifully weird.
  25. How many tattoos/piercings do you have? 1 tattoo (but thinking about another)/ 7 piercings
  26. Gym or Jim Bean?  Jim Bean
  27. What colour are your eyes? Green/Brown
  28. Junk Food which is your dirty secret?  If up North then Fish & Chips but in London its the F to K to the C
  29. What’s your poison? Calvados
  30. Describe your morning routine.   Check emails/instagram/facebook etc, brush teeth, then go for 1 hour walk through Primrose Hill and Regents Park, shower, coffee then get straight on the computer and clear the inbox. 
  31. Where do you call home? Hampstead and Isle of Wight
  32. What makes you laugh? Mainly things that shouldn’t. I have quite a dark sense of humour.
  33. What perfume/aftershave do you use? No.6 a boutique brand from Brighton
  34. Whats you favourite season and why?  Autumn, I love the clothes more.
  35. Describe the wildest night out you’ve ever had. It started in a Liverpool nightclub and ended in Amsterdam after going to Ministry of Sound in London, all very unplanned and very messy, but great fun from what I remember.
  36. What opportunity have you turned down?  A job at Vogue, it was a Assistant Stylist job but the money was only £6k a year!! Who can live in London on that money, it was joke. I was really disappointed at the time.
  37. Have you ever been arrested?  YES and that's all Im saying.
  38. Favorite Quote?  Better to regret something you have done, than what you haven’t - Paul Arden
  39. First Gig?  Ian Dury and the Blockheads
  40. Biggest Regret?  Not studying abroad, I wish I’d done a PHD or something in Paris or Milan.
  41. Describe something that you are proud of  I quit smoking, I was a big smoker, started young and got really good at it. Now I'm a year free.
  42. Describe yourself in 3 words. A Right Laugh…….. I hope 
  43. Favourite film.  Cabaret
  44. How many pairs of shoes do you own?  I have 4 pink pairs for a start and then just too many….. maybe 50 pairs
  45. Describe a favourite walk One that has a pub at the end of it. 
  46. Tell us whats in your bag/pockets  Credit card holder and keys
  47. Who was the last person you called?  Photographer Jean Luc Brouard about a shoot I'm doing with him.
  48. Whats the tune/band that you are listening to the most?  Idles and St Vincent
  49. Whats your cure for a hangover?  I thought there was only one cure…… bacon. 


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